Newport United Church of Christ

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If you’re here you have figured out that the website looks different. Our old site became unusable.  So I am in the process of learning a brand new program and building what will hopefully be a wonderful new site. Please be patient with me as I learn to navigate the program. As I’m not sure what I am doing, prayers are appreciated.  As with any new program, there is a learning curve, no matter how simple people say it is. As soon as I get an element in place or something figured out I will update the site, so check back to see how we are doing. If you have comments or suggestions, you can email them to me at


Welcome to this website for the Newport United Church of Christ!  It has been 112 years since the founding of Hope Congregational Church, which later merged with Memorial Methodist Church to form the Newport United Church of Christ.

Throughout our history, a number of “givens” have characterized the life and work of our church.  First, that we are a people who seek, not just to give lip service to our faith in Jesus, but instead, to actively follow in the footsteps of Jesus, as disciples, wherever we go in life.  Second, that as followers of Jesus, we seek to welcome other fellow pilgrims along