Pastor’s Messages

Traits of a Beautiful Church! – February 13, 2022

Just as people are different from each other, likewise churches are different. They differ in focus, priorities, leadership, doctrine, demographics, preaching, music, worship style, and so forth. The second chapter […]

Live With Purpose! – February 6, 2022

In our Biblical story today, we find Jesus challenging Peter and his friends to put their nets down in deep water. Because they had fished all night and caught nothing, […]

The Best Is Yet to Come! – January 23, 2022

Life can be difficult. We might dream of one day winning the lottery, enabling our troubles to fade away. No more debts, worries, viruses or illnesses, divorces, broken relationships, crying, […]

Christ, Our Living Hope! – November 28, 2021

Unfortunately, many today are unaware concerning the important role the Christian faith and Church played in building the foundation of our country. The Church is primarily responsible for the morality, […]