Saturday August 29, 2020


Hello again.
Hopefully the message and parts continue to give you something to
help you take a moment or two on Sunday mornings or whenever you have time to remember that God is present with all of us whether we are in church or at home. Take a moment to pray for all of our church family, your family, and friends and all those working on the front lines and those who have caught the virus during this pandemic.

Please note: It is required to wear masks during the church service. We are
doing this because we care about everyone in our church family and community.

It is a small inconvenience to bear to take care of everyone including ourselves. Last Sunday we talked about singing more than one hymn. The only guideline about singing is that there is no choir singing and if you are singing during the service you must wear your mask. So we will be singing 2 hymns now and if it goes well we will go back to 3 hymns.
I will be on vacation for the next two weeks from the 1 st of September through the 14th of September. Don Dechenne will be doing the service on the 6th and Mike Mumford will be doing the service on the 13th . Then I will be back on the 20th which is the Sunday we will celebrate the birth of grand and great-grandbabies from September of last year through the 20 th . If you have had a new grandbaby, please let Trish in the office know the details so we can celebrate your new grandchild. I have realized that I haven’t been keeping you up to date on what’s going on. So the 1 st of Sept is men’s breakfast at 8am at Riverbank, the 8th will be a Trustees meeting at 8am at Riverbank. There will also be a Missions meeting on the 8th at 11am.

Don and Chris Dechenne have an anniversary on the 31 st . Happy Anniversary!

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all. May you stay safe and stay healthy. If you have any questions, or concerns, or just need to talk feel free to call me at 509-671-2552. If you need something while I am gone, please call Trish at the office and she will contact Gayle if need be.
Blessings, Micki

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