September Stewardship Minute

Stewardship Corner

I’ve come to believe that the word “steward” is an “action” noun, similar in nature to an “action” verb.  Think about it: for those who have ever been on a cruise ship, have the stewards stood idly by or have they been constantly interacting with the guests?  How about on commercial airplane?  Have the stewards (OK, I’ll give you that we now call them flight attendants) been sitting in the jump seats conversing amongst themselves?  Maybe if the turbulence is severe enough that the pilot in charge tells them to remain seated.  And what about a wine steward?  While I have no personal experience with wine stewards (Doesn’t the best wine come from a box?) from what I’ve been told a wine steward is in almost constant motion moving thru the restaurant.

So, steward has joined that list of nouns that I call action nouns.  Pitcher (the baseball/softball kind, not the beverage kind) is an action noun to me.  While the pitching staff resides in the bullpen, the pitcher is on the mound trying to get the batter out.  Sometimes despite his/her best attempts the efforts miss the mark, but I challenge anyone to say that the woman/man on the mound is not in action for as long as they’re in the game.

Think about it: upon appearing after the resurrection to a group of his disciples who were by the Sea of Galilee what were Jesus’ instructions to Simon Peter?  Feed my sheep!  Not once, not twice, but three times Jesus told Peter to be a steward to his sheep – not to watch his sheep, but to feed and take care of them.

Stewardship asks, requires, demands that we take action.  Action when we see injustice; action when we see illness/injury; action when see someone homeless or unable to provide for themselves.  We may have the faith to move mountains, but as we’re told in James 2:17 faith without works, without stewardship of God’s creation, is dead.

God is still speaking:  Feed my sheep!

Mike Mumford

Stewardship Committee