Pastor's Letter


Summer, 2017

Has it only been three months since I began conversations with the Pastor Search Committee?  It feels like I have been in Newport much longer, and appreciate the way you have welcomed me and made me feel at home.  I have to admit I like this season of growing and sunshine better than the snow drifts of March!   Summer does have its own rhythm in a church and I enjoy seeing it unfold.

One of the things I appreciate most about NUCC is the willingness for leaders and members to take advantage of many God-opportunities as they come up.  Not every congregation leaps at the chance to reach out to identified needs in the community!   In just the past month we have helped the Pend Oreille River School (alternative high school) with their graduation decorations (thanks to the Women’s Fellowship.)  Food is being collected also to help with student needs courtesy of Missions.  We will welcome Bike US for MS in July (see article in Chimes), support VBS Summer Camp at the Lutheran Church and again provide space for the “Growing Up – Again” seminars (take the class, it is really worthwhile!) 

Sandee Meade and I are going to work on creating a less formal communion worship service at Scotia House, using materials from the Celtic Christian traditions.  I hope this will draw from both within and outside our church family in an informal, but inspirational way. Watch for more information as this plan unfolds.

My summer will have a little different shape as well, with a week of vacation in June (granddaughter, Emi, graduating in Virginia) and a week back to Wyoming in July.  I will also be working on a 13-week course on United Church of Christ History, Theology and Polity (how we run the church) online.  Although I have been granted Dual Standing (Presbyterian and UCC) this course is part of the requirements. And yes, I am a history nerd, so it isn’t really a painful activity!

Wherever your summer travels take you…don’t forget to come home!   Becky