These are the potential scriptures and sermon topics for the summer:

June 4: Pentecost Sunday Celebrating the promised Holy Spirit coming to the disciples gathered in Jerusalem.  Wind and flames were observable, and all there, gathered from around the world, heard Peter’s sermon in their own languages.  This was the “launch” of the church, gathered in worship and fellowship and sent in mission.

Scripture: Acts 2:1-21, 36-47

Sermon Topic:

June 11 Trinity Sunday

This is a day for celebrating the strength and power of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Through the Trinity we have received salvation and evil has been conquered. While the Trinity is a mystery to even experienced theologians, we can see throughout the Bible evidence that our Creator, Redeemer-Christ and the Holy Spirit work in balance and purpose for the good of all creation.  

Scripture: Genesis 1:1-2:4b, John 1:1-5, Psalm 8

June 18 Father’s Day

June 25

We will begin a summer sermon series on Old Testament Prayers. We will learn about prayer through the character and words of many familiar Old Testament people as well as gaining a general flow of the story line from Moses to the Prophets.

Scripture: Exodus 32:11-13, 31-32

Sermon Topic: A Golden Calf and a Prayer to God (Moses)

July 2  Recognition of July 4th and prayer for our nation

Scripture: Exodus 33:7-22, 29-35

July 9

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:9-11, 2:1-10

Sermon Topic: Hannah’s Prayer for a Child

July 16

July 23

Scripture: 1 Samuel 12, Psalm 51

Sermon Topic: Betrayal and Murder; Confession and Restoration (David)

July 30

Scripture: I Kings 3:5-15

Sermon Topic: A Plea for Wisdom that Went Unused (Solomon)

August 6

Scripture: I Kings chapters 18-19

Sermon Topic: God Hears Us in Our Highs and Lows (Elijah)


August 13

Scripture: Daniel 2:20-23, 6:10-28

Sermon Topic: Habits of Prayer

August 20

Scripture: Esther 4:14-17

Sermon Topic: Who Knows Why?

August 27

Scripture: Nehemiah 1:1-11

Sermon Topic: Return, Rebuild, Renew