This month’s KIVA loans go to the following:

Zipporah's Group is an agricultural collective (3 farmers) in Webuyne, Kenya. Their leader is A 57 year- old woman with 6 children. She needs the loan to expand the acreage of the farm from 1 to 10 acres and thus needs seed and fertilizer for expanding the farm. Increased yields and profits will be used to benefit the three families.

Eunice is a farmer in southern Kenya. She is seeking funding for seed and fertilizer to expand the productivity of her one acre farm. Benefit of the increased yield will go to her young family.

Adamseh Female Farmers Group is an agricultural co-op in Masogbo, Sierra Leon. They sought a loan to purchase seed, compost and tractor to expand their subsistence farm acreage. The estimated yield is expected to provide enough for building a cash reserve for the co-op.

Sajedah is a 19-year old married woman living in Palestine. She is a student at a local university in the West Bank and while tending her young child she is finishing her college education. She is using the loan to pay for her college tuition.

Sayorah is a 42 year-old married farming woman with young children at home. She needs a loan to help her pay for a medical procedure for one of her children.