Our  Newport United Church of Christ Church does a lot to help those in our Community, and in our World. Because of the “Generous Hearts” of our Membership, we are able to donate funds to our (Community)  Family Crisis Network (providing assistance to those of Domestic Abuse and others), Rural Resources (heat, food, power, transportation, etc ) YES-Youth Emergency Services- (helping our Homeless Teens of which we have more than 100), and 2 Food Banks. Through Rural Resources, God’s Closet has medical equipment to loan to anyone in need.

In our greater World, we help provide funds for PET: a Personal Energy Transport much like a wheel chair, that gives mobility to those without legs to help provide for themselves and their families.

The Heifer Project provides animals as well as water, and trees to help families sustain themselves and “pass the gift” to help their neighbors. We are able to send well over $1000.00 each year. 

“Shoeboxes” are sent each Christmas to Franklin Graham’s “Operation Christmas Child , and many dollars are donated to KIVA to help needy entrepreneurs around the World.

Missions Committee

Dick Carpenter and his “Freedom Mobile,” formerly known as the PET mobile, will be with us on August 6 for an Ice Cream Social. We changed the date from June 6th due to Pastor Becky’s Installation and Potluck.

Missions is designating the first Sunday of each month for “Food Bank Sunday”. We will have a special container: a little green wagon in which to put your items and we will bless them during Church.

As a result of our Community Agency Meeting in April, we learned about the Pend Oreille River School. This is a school where our Homeless Teens can finish their High School Studies without the distractions of a structured class situation. All learning is done by computers in a nice quiet environment and is in conjunction with Newport Schools and the Kalispel Tribe.

One way that we as a Church can help is by helping to provide a “food bank” that will have items that can go into a back pack for over a weekend etc. Lunches and snacks are provided during the school year. They are also asking for additional “E Readers.”

If you have more questions, Pat Buckley is your “go to” guy.

Thank you generous hearts! $100.00 was donated (to our Secret Raffle) to begin the “food bank” for our Pend Oreille River School. Shopping will be fun!!

If you would like to donate items (bring by June 11), there is a blue basket under the glass shelf in the Narthex which will be glad to receive them! Items the School would like to have: Peanut better, jelly, Top Ramen /Cup Noodles, healthy snack items, crackers, powdered beverages (Crystal Light, powdered lemonade, cocoa), soup, easy to fix meals (they have a small freezer), paper towels, feminine products, deodorant, shampoo, soap, laundry detergent (I think the little detergent “pillows” would be perfect!), new underwear and socks.

Remember God’s Closet if you are in need of Medical Equipment. It is staffed through Rural Resources.